How to Apply for an Apartment

We’ve worked together and found an apartment you like. Great! Here’s what we do next:

1. Put the first month’s rent down.

This is a good faith gesture to secure the apartment and take it off the market. We won’t cash your check until you’re approved.

2. Fill out an application and pay the app fee.

You can download forms and pay on our website. We verify employment (bring your paystubs!), tenant history, and do a credit check. Some landlords request that we also do a criminal background check.

3. That’s it!

It usually doesn’t take more than a day or so to process the paperwork, so you’ll know pretty soon if you’re in.We will let you know as soon as we hear back from the landlord. Other concerns, like things that need to be fixed, painting, or move in date we will discuss with the landlord during or before the application process. This way, everyone is on the same page and there’s no confusion.

Not all landlords do a security deposit- some have a move in fee. We’ll let you know which it is.

Security deposit or move in fee are paid before you move in.

Have questions about a particular apartment? Give us a call: (773) 697-5100.


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