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Lost in Chicago: Logan Square Blue Line Logan Square

This is the pulsating heart of Logan Square.

Most of these recommendations are within a  five minute walk of one another.

Best Place for Ears: The Whistler has DJs. Not necessarily for dancing, but to facilitate chilling out in an upbeat manner. If you are someone who appreciates a good, thoughtful cocktail, come here.

Ears Honorable Mention: Nothin’ Less Coffee House. They have poetry, jazz, performance art and other events here all the time. (See the video at the bottom of this post.)

Best Place for Eyes: I Am Logan Square has rotating art displays and events. For example, Melissa Stanley of Niche Realty gave a talk “Artist as Landlord” that was interesting and informative.

Eyes Honorable Mention: The Logan Theater. Newly renovated, they screen old classics, like The Warriors and Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Best Place for Noms: Longman & Eagle. Have the white whiskey flight, everything on the menu, and then pour yourself to bed in one of their boutique hotel rooms.

Noms Honorable Mention: Boulangerie. Bring your iPad and enjoy a croissant or any other of the wonderful freshly baked goods they make. Then go a few doors down for cute toys or to get a mani-pedi.

Best Place after a Long Day: Telegraph has a great font to start off with. The wine is superb, and the service there is as wonderful as a butler: there when you need it, blending into the woodwork when  you don’t. I’m sure the food is also excellent.

Long Day Honorable Mention: The Whirlaway on Fullerton and Kedzie is cash only, as all charming and homey bars should be. They have some nice bottled beers, and a Spanish language exchange meets once per week. Sometimes there’s a trivia night.

Best Place for Brain: Uncharted Books. This place just opened this year, and the decor will make you feel exactly what you want to feel when you walk into a used bookstore: like typewriters might suddenly become relevant again.

Best Place for Coffee: New Wave has great coffee, some bizarre and mismatched furniture, a ton of flyers, and Super Nintendo video games. It’s almost impossible to get a seat here on the weekends. The Caddyshack is a popular sandwich, as is the Flashdance.

Coffee Honorable Mention: Nothin’ Less. Get an Italian soda and a sandwich, sit by the window, and people watch from your comfortable chair. In the video below, Elena of Nothin Less talks about Logan Square.

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What is “West Bucktown”?

You may see ads for apartments in “West Bucktown” or “West Wicker Park.”

West Bucktown (and “West Wicker Park” for that matter) have been invented because Bucktown and Wicker Park have seen rent rates rise a lot in the past few years, and the demand has exceeded the supply.  If you see a Bucktown unit listed for less than other units you’ve seen in Bucktown, the most likely reason is because it’s not actually in Bucktown, but it’s close by.

This is Bucktown, West Bucktown, and Humboldt

Both Wicker Park and Bucktown are bound Western to the West and Ashland to the East.

West Bucktown is bound by Fullerton and Armitage to the north and south but it’s as far west as California and goes as far east as Bucktown.

Wicker Park is south of Bucktown, bound by the north and south by North Avenue and Augusta. West of Western below Armitage is Humboldt Park; “West Wicker Park” doesn’t exist. It’s code for Humboldt Park.

There are plenty of walkable areas and neighborhoods in Chicago. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call: (773) 697-5100.

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Lost in Chicago: California Blue Line Logan Square

Some call this area “West Bucktown” some call it “Logan Square.” Either way, here’s what to do:

Best Place for Ears: The Congress Theater is actually a music venue. Like may Chicago music venues, it’s very pretty-ugly inside. It used to be splendiferous, and now is looking a bit worn, a neighborhood staple with noise violations.

Best Place for Eyes: No art galleries around here (yet.) There’s a store front on the 2300 block of Milwaukee that has weird art-things in the windows, like enormous origami paper cranes.


Best Place for Noms: Taqueria Moran. The mouth waters thinking of this place. So good. Get the sope with the pollo desembrado. Because there’s mole sauce. This place also has beer! It’s cheap, no frills, delicious. I hope it stays here forever.

Noms Honorable Mention: The tie is between the Boiler Room and Revolution Brewery. Boiler Room wins because they manage to make pizza not boring, and even if they don’t make their own beer like Revolution, they win because they don’t have sports on TV. Be advised that it’s cash only.

Best Place after a Long Day: The Two Way at Fullerton and Milwaukee. There’s a great mix in this bar- everyone drinks here. Sometimes there’s a special: a pitcher and two shots for $8.

Long Day Honorable Mention: Cole’s Bar. Grungy, hoodie, feels familar even if it’s your first time there. Plus, pool tables.

Best Place for Brain: Go to the corner store and practice your Spanish reading skills. They’ve got interesting candy and food there, and exposing your brain to new things makes you smarter.

Brain Honorable Mention: Sorry, you’re out of luck. Vas Foremost Liquors has a great selection to help you kill it.

Best Place for Coffee: Cafe Mustache. Because it’s the only place for coffee (besides Cozy Pancakes and Taqueria Moran), and their website is very cute.

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Featured Listing Friday: Logan Square 3BR Fresh Gut Rehab

Fresh Gut Rehab in Logan Square, Open Floor Plan

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At N Lawndale and N Milwaukee Avenue, you’re a 5 minute bike ride to the Logan Square Blue Line, the Logan Theater, Longman & Eagle, Telegraph Wine Bar, Boulangerie, Nothin’ Less Coffee House, I Am Logan Square, Uncharted Books, Sunrise Fresh Market… lots of stuff.

You can walk to the Belmont Blue Line (fewer than 10 minutes).

A pair of tandem spots is available for $50.

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Local’s Eye View: Nothin’ Less than Logan Square

The best way to get to know a neighborhood is to ask someone who spends a lot of time there, either because they live there or do business there.

The owner of Nothin’ Less Coffee House, Elena, was kind enough to take a few minutes to tell us about Logan Square.

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Dangling Uvulas and Your Apartment Search

It can be disorienting to move. Here’re a few tips on how to read listings:

-In Chicago, most listings don’t mention appliances. This is because appliances stay in the unit for the next tenant to use. In the some areas of California, tenants must bring their own appliances from apartment to apartment. Be glad we’re in Illinios.

-Even if the ad doesn’t mention them, the landlord is responsible for water, sewage, and trash removal.

-If a client is looking for a newer building, utilities are almost never included in the rental price. If heat is included, that usually means an older building with radiator heat- no granite and stainless steel. The exception to this is a high rise. I’m guessing it would be too much of a hassle to bill everyone separately for their energy, so the landlord just includes average usage with the rent price.

Being unfamiliar with the area can make decisions about where to live very difficult. Some clients are afraid to narrow their search because they don’t want to rule out anything just because they don’t know what’s normal. Here’s an example of some bad rental advice. When I have a client moving from out of state, it’s my job to make them comfortable with what kinds of apartments they’ll find in this city. One guy got so comfortable he started telling me about his surgery for his dangling uvula, which was both horrifying and fascinating. (Meeting people with interesting stories is a definite perk to the job!)

uvula diagram

This is a uvula (from primehealthchannel.com)

He also told me that he liked hardwood floors, preferred to ride the EL to work, and didn’t have pets. I found him and his no longer dangling uvula a nice gut rehabbed place in Logan Square.

If you have any more questions about the rental process or would like to get started with your search, contact me.

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