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3BR Duplex Up in Bucktown

This is an enormous duplex up (2800 square feet.)

If you need a lot of space and light, this is the place for you. There’s even a garage parking spot included with the rent.

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Bucktown is a great neighborhood, and you’re pleasantly situated next to a park. You can walk to the Metra, Blue Line and 90/94.

Here’re some Bucktown residents, talking about the neighborhood and their business in Bucktown.

And here’s a link to the listing.

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What is “West Bucktown”?

You may see ads for apartments in “West Bucktown” or “West Wicker Park.”

West Bucktown (and “West Wicker Park” for that matter) have been invented because Bucktown and Wicker Park have seen rent rates rise a lot in the past few years, and the demand has exceeded the supply.  If you see a Bucktown unit listed for less than other units you’ve seen in Bucktown, the most likely reason is because it’s not actually in Bucktown, but it’s close by.

This is Bucktown, West Bucktown, and Humboldt

Both Wicker Park and Bucktown are bound Western to the West and Ashland to the East.

West Bucktown is bound by Fullerton and Armitage to the north and south but it’s as far west as California and goes as far east as Bucktown.

Wicker Park is south of Bucktown, bound by the north and south by North Avenue and Augusta. West of Western below Armitage is Humboldt Park; “West Wicker Park” doesn’t exist. It’s code for Humboldt Park.

There are plenty of walkable areas and neighborhoods in Chicago. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call: (773) 697-5100.

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Lost in Chicago: Western Blue Line Bucktown

This is the western border of Bucktown.

Best Place for Ears: The Mutiny. Crappy low ceiling, great place to see bands.

Best Place for Eyes: Ipsento Coffee has a rotating art display all the time. Prints, drawings, and photographs. Also, the decor and bold use of color will inspire you.

Best Place for Noms: Belly Shack blows everything else away. If things on the menu sound weird, try them. Nothing here could be improved upon, everything is excellent/amazing.

Noms Honorable Mention: Ipsento Coffee House. Delicious sandwiches named after authors. Try the Garrison Keilor.

Ipsento Coffee

Best Place after a Long Day: Green Eye right by the stop. Dark wood, dark lighting, snarky signage, a local feeling. It’s cash only.

Long Day Honorable Mention: Quenchers. The reason this place comes second and not first is because there’s a 10 minute walk north from the Western Stop. Sometimes there’s music. They probably have a beer that you’ll love, and if not, you can satisfy yourself with the free popcorn.

Best Place for Brain: Bucktown Music has music lessons that will help your brain work better.

Brain Honorable Mention: The Teacher Store has tons of art supplies, paints, stickers, maps, and ESL workbooks. Yes these things are for kids, but having fun making an art project will stimulate your creativity and make you think differently, helping your brain become more plastic.

Best Place for Coffee: Definitely Ipsento Coffee. Get the Ipsento with cayenne. Inside the Western Blue Line Stop, there’s a Dunkin’ Doughnuts, and across the street there’s a McDonald’s. But who cares. Go to Ipsento.

Luis and Jessica Solares on why Bucktown’s a great place to live and work.

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2BR+Office in Bucktown Available Now


See the whole listing here.

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Featured Listing Friday: Start Your Day Like Ariel

This listing has the granite, stainless steel, double vanity, hardwood floors that you come to expect in new construction buildings.

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The dark wood and stainless steel are lovely, if you didn’t notice

Part of what makes this duplex down special is its bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a quite large bathroom. The tiles look like the inside of shells- pearled and luminous. Start your day like the Little Mermaid.

The other bedroom is smaller, but it’s bathroom is also very nice.

Both bedrooms are downstairs, and are carpeted.

The upstairs part of this large unit has the in-unit laundry and lots of windows.

The open floor plan would be great for entertaining, (island kitchens encourage gathering around and talking)

and the half bath is upstairs.

Also, you get a parking spot in the gated lot in the back. (But street parking is also very easy.) Sadly, no pets are welcome here.

If you have any questions about the unit, or would like to schedule a viewing, please give me a call: 773-697-5100

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Featured Listing Friday: 3BR/3BA in Bucktown… With a Bar of Your Own

Space. That’s what you get here.

Want to live next to a park?

These are the bedrooms and closets you’ve been looking for. (Every bedroom is king sized. Every bedroom has a large closet.)

Every bedroom has its own en suite bathroom. All the baths are spacious and nice

Its 2800+ square feet: plus a roof deck and large wet bar, with more space on the back deck.

Black granite counter. New carpet.

You can boldly go via Metra and 90/94 . (And the Blue Line.)

Rooftop deck over the garage.

Available now-ishly. Garage parking is available for extra.

Here’s the listing link.

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Local’s Eye View: Bucktown with Bucktown Music

I stopped by Bucktown Music to chat with Jessica and Luis Solares about their music studio. (They have lessons for everyone, and even have special brain development classes for babies! (It’s called “Kindermusic.”)

They’re the perfect people to ask about what makes Bucktown a great neighborhood since they’ve been living in Bucktown for 5 years and have been doing business here for 3.

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