How to Not Go Insane Looking for an Apartment

Yes, it’s real. BLOB MONSTER!! (at 400 N Noble- at Hubbard)

The reasons that people move can be spiritual or practical, but are usually both. They want to find the perfect apartment where they feel comfortable, yet also want a place that speaks to them and their dreams. They’re afraid to narrow it down to Andersonville when they fear their ideal apartment could be languishing in Lakeview.

 I get people looking all over the city for apartments. When I ask them to narrow down what they want by neighborhood, they name about half the neighborhoods in the city.

It’s absolutely insane to think that naming half the city counts as “narrowing it down.” But I totally get it because I’ve done it myself.

Home is an expression of self, and helping someone find a place can be personal. The reality is that location is the most important thing. If you’re looking all over the city, it means you’re still in the start of your search, and the idea of what you’re looking for hasn’t gelled yet. When you’re in this stage, you’re not ready to actually look at apartments in person.

I’ll just tell you now to save you the trouble: you’re probably in the right neighborhood where you live now. Visit other neighborhoods, don’t move there. Here’s a post about exceptions to this rule.

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2 thoughts on “How to Not Go Insane Looking for an Apartment

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