Why an Ad for an Apartment Might Not Have Pictures

Pictures in the ad are your first look at an apartment that may be your home some day. They are the reason why you decide to make an appointment to see an apartment or not. They’re the key marketing tool for agent.

So why advertise a unit without pictures? That must mean the apartment is not photogenic, right? It is possible. But not likely.

Here are top three reasons for no photos:

1. The listing is new or has been rehabbed, and there aren’t pictures yet.

2. The listing is in the process of being rehabbed and there isn’t a finished product yet. Showing an apartment in the process of being rehabbed is not attractive.

3. The apartment is covered in clothes or pet toys or whatever because the current tenants are moving (or just really messy.) It’s impossible to get a picture of any part of the apartment like this. Showing a messy picture with someone else’s stuff all over the place does not help you imagine yourself living there.

Other reasons there might not be pictures:

4. The pictures were taken at night, and it makes the apartment look bad or creepy.

5. The apartment is ugly, and a sales person thinks they can talk you into it when they show it to you. This is the least likely of the options. Any picture is better than no pictures at all.

Also, I’ve rented some apartments that I personally thought weren’t that attractive, but my clients loved them. And you the client know if a place is right for you.

If you have questions about any of our units, with or without pictures, I’d be happy to answer them. Please give me a call: (773) 697-5100.


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