How to Succeed in the Apartment Hunt and in Life

Communicating through email is awesome- it’s like texting, but with more weight.

Taking advantage of opportunities leads to success in life. Use the advantages email offers, even if you’re doing it from your phone.

Agents want to help you find a place- the easier you make it on them, the easier your search will be. How can you use email effectively in your apartment search? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Use proper punctuation and spelling. When you don’t use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, you look like a spammer, a lazy person, or a stupid person. This is unfortunate, but true. It looks like you don’t care about what you’re doing, so why should anyone else? Agents will still help you if you write like you’re lazy and stupid, but not if you’re a spammer.

2. Ask more than one question per email. Don’t be shy! Get crazy. Ask two, or three even. Be specific. Asking for “more information” about a place is a meaningless request. I have no idea why it’s the autofill on most lead capture sites. Really, don’t be shy. We’re here to help.

3. Answer all questions if you’re asked more than one question. I like to number them if I’m asking more than two. Answering questions also helps to clarify needs. Clarity + brevity = readability.

4. If you’re making an appointment to see a place, offer a plan B and/or C. If you want to see a property at 7pm on a Saturday, say so and that it’s your preferred time. Mention a few alternate times, like 11am on Sunday and 6pm on Monday as well. This way, and agent can coordinate if the first time doesn’t work, and you won’t have to email back and forth. Also, if a unit is occupied, and a time won’t work for the current tenant, it’ll greatly cut down on potential for miscommunication.

Or you could skip all this and just give us a call: (773) 697-5100. Let’s work together to find a great place.

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