What’s the Best Neighborhood in Chicago?

What’s the best neighborhood is like asking who would win if Han Solo and Chuck Norris got in a fight. It’s a bargument; there’s no answer.

Do you like to walk to a restaurant, stuff yourself, and then walk home?

Are you a fan of bacon?

Do you need live music in your life?

Do you want to be able to have wine or beer delivered to you?

Do you want live poetry, music, or art with your coffee?

Where should you live? Well, what is important to you?

Do a Yelp search (or Google) and see where there’re more live music venues, bacon infused cocktails, restaurants. Only you can decide what is the best neighborhood for you.

However, have caution in making your life too convenient. One of my clients told me that he lost weight while living in the suburbs. I asked him how that was possible given that there’s more driving and less walking. He told me that he always went out to eat due to the plethora of good restaurants within walking distance, so he never stayed home and cooked; thus the weight gain. I myself live near an amazing gelato place. Because its such a temptation, I sometimes wish I didn’t.

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One thought on “What’s the Best Neighborhood in Chicago?

  1. Great questions! If and when I move to Chicago, I will definitely use your services!

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