What’s the Deal with Garden Apartments?

McLean and Oakley, Bucktown 1BR

A garden apartment is considered the basement of a building, at least half way into the ground. This means that they tend to have lower ceilings and less natural light.

The up side is that they also tend to take up a large portion of a basement- garden apartments tend to be more spacious.

Avers and Wrightwood, Logan Square 2BR

It comes down to this: do you need natural light? If yes, a garden isn’t for you. If all you care about is location and being able to keep your housing costs down, a garden unit might work. So if you see a listing that looks great but has a lower listing price compared to other units in the area, chances are it’s a garden unit.


One thought on “What’s the Deal with Garden Apartments?

  1. […] Garden units are a cheaper option if you just have to live in an area whose average costs are more than you’re looking to spend. Some people think you’re more likely to have problems with pestilence if you live in a garden unit, but I have never seen that personally. […]

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