Why an Agent Might Not Call You Back

This can be frustrating. As an agent, I call back everyone who leaves a message for me, or even just calls me if I have time. But some agents (who are perhaps better at their jobs than I am) don’t call everyone back. Here are some reasons why that might be:

They’re just too busy: they are handling as much as they can or want to take some down time. Because real estate is (usually) a commission based job. You work hard during peak times and rest during lean times.

You aren’t looking for something expensive: they work on commission. Every showing they do must be worth their time. If they do rent a property, they want it to be at a higher level of commission. Managing time ineffectively kills sales.

They don’t want to be too available: because apartment finding services are free, some clients don’t value the agent’s time. It’s up to that agent to manage time the best they can.

The unit has been rented: and there’s nothing similar. It would be a waste of time to call you back and explain. If you’re really into something, they figure you’ll follow up.

They just forgot: because they are human.

Hopefully this post has illuminated the reasons why an agent might not call you back when looking for an apartment. It can be annoying to be on a search for the perfect place and not get a response. Call me and I’ll do my best to help.


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