How to do the Craig’s List Scan

The Craig’s List Scan is the foundation first step of any apartment search, especially if you’re new to the city. You will feel better having done your research, and more ready to pounce when you see something good.

There’s no secret stash of apartments that are cheap, good looking, and in the best location ever. There’s just not.

During the summer, people just look at apartments every weekend for several weekends in a row. Even if they see the perfect one, that only convinces them that there must be something better.

In general, places are priced at what the market will bear. The Craig’s List Scan will give you an idea of how much things cost in a neighborhood. If something’s cheap but looks really good, it’s because the area or amenities aren’t popular. If an apartment looks amazing in photos and seems to go against this general trend, check it out. It will end up going with the trend.

So how do you search the seemingly infinite number of listings? Type in your max and minimum rent, number of bedrooms you want, and click. This will help show you what you can get for which neighborhoods.

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