You’re Really Not That Open Minded, and That’s Okay

Granite, stainless steel.

In unit washer dryer.

Balcony or deck.

Close to the train.

Parking spot.

This Bucktownoble Square has all of these things.

These are the things that my clients want. They want a comfortable environment so they can relax when they come home, and great food, drink, and shopping options when they’re ready to go out and have a good time.

Most of all, they want to be in a location with which they’re comfortable and familiar. If you’re feeling stagnated in the neighborhood you live in now, try to visit other neighborhoods more often, not look for an apartment in a new neighborhood.

No one will take an apartment that has everything they want and more if it’s not in the neighborhood they prefer.

No one is really “open to anywhere, really.” And that’s okay.

Please, please, don’t look outside of where you want to live. You’re just wasting your time. There is no apartment good enough to make you want to live in an area you’re not familiar with. You will always be thinking of the other area where you wish you were living. You won’t even be able to consider living in an apartment even if it is perfect for you in every single way. The only perfect apartment for you is in your preferred neighborhoods. Nowhere else.

There just isn’t. Don’t even bother looking. They don’t exist.

I mean it. Just don’t.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Really Not That Open Minded, and That’s Okay

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