Neighborhoods with a Reputation

It’s not that complicated: neighborhoods with Reputations are cheaper than neighborhoods where the saddest thing you’ll see is someone having to wait 10 minutes for their dinner reservation. Everybody has opinions on neighborhoods and what’s dangerous.

I had a good friend who lived in a neighborhood with a Reputation. He got a lot of space for a little money. I wondered if he ever felt like he was unsafe. He said “No, the gang bangers mess with each other, and if you’ve got nothing to do with that they leave you alone.” When I first moved to the city, I worked with someone who lived in a neighborhood with a Reputation. I asked her if she ever felt unsafe. “No,” she said. “Once someone jumped out at me when I was riding my bike and went ‘BOO!’ but that’s the most trouble I’ve had.”

I’ve actually been mugged in a trendy neighborhood that didn’t have a Reputation. It makes sense. If you live in an area with a Reputation, the upside is that no one will ask you for change; if you live in that neighborhood, you probably don’t have any.

The point of telling those stories is to show that all of the talk about what’s safe and unsafe is very, very subjective.

Feeling safe where you live is very important. You can’t feel ‘home’ if you don’t feel safe. Be informed. Check out the crime stats.


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