How to Look for an Apartment II

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In order to help you get what you want, you have to know what you want. That’s what this blog is all about.

We offer a service that’s free to you- we help you find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and needs.

However, once someone called me up and said they “just wanted to look” at apartments.

Um, no.

The Craig’s List scan is an important part of the apartment search, especially for those new to the city.  While there can be a LOT of crap on Craig’s List, looking will give you some idea of what you’d pay on average for a one bedroom (or whatever you’re looking for) in one neighborhood versus another, and what you can get for your money. This will help  you decide what’s most important to you.

– You may realize that saving money on rent is more important to you than being able to walk around naked in your apartment; you may need a roommate.

– You may discover that an apartment looks great, but you couldn’t imagine walking 20 minutes to the train every day you commute, especially in winter.

-You may find that you may need to move a little further north, west, or south to get a place with more space and better finishes for your budget.

All of these things have nothing to do with an individual apartment- these are lifestyle choices you must figure out before even looking.

Why would you even look at a place if the location or amenities are all wrong?

Spending a few hours on the computer will save you many afternoons running around the city and sweating in the back seat of somebody’s car.

Or you could just give us a call and ask us. (773) 697-5100. If you need help determining what the intersection of what you want and what you want to pay may look like, we’d be happy to help.

When you think you have a good idea of  then make some appointments to see places. Not before.

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