Bacon: More Important than Neighborhood

People construct their identity based on electives: ‘hipster,’ ‘sports fan,’ or ‘liker of bacon sandwiches.’ Once upon a time, this city was organized by people who grouped together based on shared commonalities like native land, language, religion, or occupation.

Ethnicity, race, and religion are protected classes. ‘Liking bacon sandwiches’ is not a protected class.

But it’s possible that someone could feel that they shouldn’t live in a neighborhood if they don’t like bacon sandwiches.  So I can tell you that this bar/restaurant has awesome bacon. (And feel free to make bacon recommendations in the comments.) But I will not tell you if people who like bacon sandwiches live here even if I think they do.

But on the flip side, neighborhood doesn’t matter because you’ll end up liking what everyone else likes. So maybe you’ll become a liker of bacon sandwiches if you live in a neighborhood where everyone likes bacon sandwiches.

Any neighborhood could work for anyone. And anyone can enjoy the a bacon sandwich.


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