When it’s Time to Stop Looking for an Apartment

Looking for a place to live can be tough. You’ve looked on Craig’s List to get a general idea of what’s available where for how much. You’ve lusted over apartments all over the city. You’ve started looking months and months before you have to move ‘just to see what’s out there.’ You feel prepared to find an apartment, if only it would reveal itself.

You know you’re ready to rent an apartment when:

-you’ve looked at more than 7 places and they’re all starting to blend together

-you’re opening yourself up to other neighborhoods that you’ve never considered before in desperation

-you don’t even know what you’re looking for anymore because you really didn’t know in the first place

It’s possible that you may have had an unrealistic expectation of what you could get in your price range and neighborhood, or hoped there’d be some magical apartment that would speak to you, but it’s just not happening.

Here’s what you need to do:

Pick your top three needs (ex: accepts dogs, near the train, dishwasher) and take the next apartment you see that’s in your price range and neighborhood. You’re not buying a house- it’s only a year lease and living in a place that’s not perfect for a year will not ruin your life.  If you’re looking during the summer, places rent very quickly. Landlords list with as many agencies as they like, so that means more showings. Be ready to pounce.

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One thought on “When it’s Time to Stop Looking for an Apartment

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